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Dive on in.

We are unlocking the underwater world for those who have defended our freedom.



Diving with Heroes is a nonprofit based out of Northern Virginia that gives the gift of freedom to our nation's disabled veterans. We provide opportunities for scuba diving, whether as a continuation of scuba undertaken during rehabilitation or as a new therapy/hobby. Our programs give disabled veterans a chance to dive with others, helping to build that sense of diver community while showing them that diving is a sport they can continue outside of the confines of their rehabilitation programs. It also is a chance for them to experience the underwater world which is so different from the world we live in.

Diving with Heroes is proud to be an SDI/TDI training facility.

"Man only has to sink beneath the surface and he is free."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Contact Us

PO Box 445 Haymarket, Virginia 20168-0445

+1 703-261-9092

Thanks for reaching out!

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