We want to give the gift of freedom to our heroes.

Giving the gift of freedom to our heroes.


Diving with Heroes is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to unlock the underwater world for those who defended our freedoms.


We provide opportunities for heroes and their families to experience the freedom and wonder of scuba diving, enabling heroes to continue their adaptive scuba training and realize its therapeutic and social benefits through rehabilitation and recreation, and to promote and encourage a lifestyle of diving.


Diving with Heroes is founded on the tenets of the Community, Honor, Integrity, Excellence and Fun.  These core values are of the utmost importance to our organization and guide everything that we do.


We work with the veterans and service members of our armed forces who have been injured serving our nation. These heroes have been certified to dive through either PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) as a means of physical, emotional and/or social rehabilitation.


Diving with Heroes works to ensure that the warriors’ rehabilitation and recreation does not end with certification but is instead carried over into their everyday lives.