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Grand Cayman 2016

Diving with Heroes returned to Grand Cayman in October 2016, where they once again stayed at Compass Point Dive Resort and dove with Ocean Frontiers. Despite the weather and a few called dives, the group made the best of it and enjoyed a great week.


Three of the divers, having received DWH's Diver Certification Grant, were newly certified open water divers in preparation for the trip. It was great fun to watch them step into the clear, blue ocean with upwards of 100 feet visibility after certifying in a murky quarry. The divers enjoyed diving on Cayman’s East End, where they saw sharks, turtles and rays.


The week ended with a snorkel at Stingray City and mudslides and a basket of fries at Kaibo Beach Restaurant. The divers completed a total of eight dives, and earned their PADI Fish Identification Specialty.


DWH Beneficiaries: Tanya & Tony Bailey, Trevor Crewey, Heather Deerenberg, Scott Martin and Francisco Mendoza.

Returning Alumni: Alan Echevarria and Jade Sharrocks (both as DWH volunteers).

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