Our Mission
Our Vision

Sharing the freedom of diving with those who have sacrificed for our freedom. 

We are unlocking the treasures contained in the underwater world and sharing them with those who have fought so valiantly to secure and defend our freedom. Theirs is the great sacrifice and we are honoring them for it.

Diving with Heroes gives the gift of freedom to our nation's injured veterans and service members by providing opportunities for scuba diving. Whether as a continuation of scuba undertaken during rehabilitation or as a new therapy, DWH allows heroes to experience the freedom of the underwater world. Our programs enable our hero divers to build a sense of community while also promoting the diving lifestyle outside the confines of their rehabilitation programs.

Our Purpose

We are:

  • Honoring those who valiantly served and fought for our freedom;

  • Providing opportunities for our heroes and their families  to experience the freedom and wonder of scuba; and

  • Promoting and encouraging a lifestyle of diving

Our Values

Community, Honor, Integrity, Excellence, Fun.