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Diving Changes Lives

Diving with Heroes is one of those organizations that you never knew we all needed. Jill and her team are amazing people on top of everything they already do. The trip I went on (Little Cayman 2018) was an instant de-stress from my day-to-day life. From the moment I got on the plane until when I got on the plane to leave, I forgot the rest of the world for a while. Diving, and the quality of the people you dive with, changes lives. These people and this group help change lives; even if for a brief period they help us realize not all days are bad, not everything is going to hurt and, for some of us, we get to have fun again with people. If there’s any organization that people out there need to donate to, please donate to Diving with Heroes!!


Chad lives in Clayton, Delaware, with his daughter. He served 13 years in the Marine Corps before he was medically retired as a corporal. Now Chad is a PADI master diver and eventually would like to get certified as an instructor. He dreams of working at a dive shop in Costa Rica when his daughter goes to college and he “retires.”

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