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Listen to this short segment that Radio Cayman did on DWH in November 2015 while DWH was in town for its annual Hero Week.

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Diving with Heroes offers three program levels to help our heroes to continue diving.


  • Local—Diving with Heroes is based in Northern Virginia, and wants to encourage hero divers to dive locally. Local diving, whether in community pools or quarries, provides a regular opportunity for divers to get in the water. To help facilitate local diving, Diving with Heroes seeks to create and maintain an active hero dive community in Northern Virginia. Through regular meet-ups, DWH works with hero divers to ensure they dive often and build relationships in the process.


  • Domestic Experiences—Diving with Heroes understands that new and exciting dive experiences add not only to a diver’s overall experience but also helps to keep diving unique and interesting. Diving with Heroes plans regular trips to aquariums or domestic dive locales to provide new opportunities for heroes to dive. Whether wreck diving off the North Carolina coast, diving the National Aquarium in Baltimore, or even the jumping into the warm waters of the Florida Keys, there is plenty of diving with the United States that can provide a host of new experiences for our hero divers.


  • International Excursions—The capstone of DWH’s dive programs, DWH takes heroes on all-inclusive dive excursions to the tropical waters of the Caribbean. These excursions center on the therapeutic and social rehabilitation and recreation of scuba, as well as continue to build community amongst the hero divers. The hero divers participate as a team as they build camaraderie both on the boat and around shared meals. At the end of the week the divers will celebrate their accomplishments and relationships with a Hero Party.


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