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Petit St. Vincent 2015

Diving with Heroes’ second trip was to Petite St. Vincent, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and involved the filming of a documentary, "Sixty Feet of Freedom," featuring three disabled veterans as they become certified open water scuba divers.  


One highlight of the trip occurred on the first day of diving. As the divers were taking their giant strides into the water, it became apparent the boat was taking on water. The boat captain quickly recalled all the divers and tried to return to the dock but the boat ended up sinking just as it approached the dock...thankfully the water was very shallow.


Undeterred by the now lack of a boat, the divers and film crew spent the remainder of the week doing shore dives around the island. A total of eight dives were accomplished and the documentary was completed.

DWH Beneficiaries: Dani Figueroa, Rob Howington and Zach Willard.

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