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Playa del Carmen 2023

In August 2023 Diving with Heroes returned to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, this time staying on the mainland in Playa del Carmen. Positioned on the coast at the gateway to the cenotes, a freshwater cave system that is unique to the Yucatán Peninsula, the divers had the opportunity to experience a wide range of underwater environments (boat, cavern, deep, night and wreck).


The divers stayed at Hotel LunaSol and dove with Heaven Under Earth Divers (HUED) for the week. The DWH group logged seven boat dives and two cenote dives with HUED. Diving the cenotes was a highlight for many of the divers with it being their first experience diving in a cavern. The divers spent the day exploring Dos Ojos where viewing stalactites, stalagmites and fossils in the gin-clear water was an otherworldly experience. During the week the group also dove the purpose-sunk wreck Mama Viña, a former shrimp boat, and conducted a night dive on the reef.

In addition to the amazing dives, the DWH group snorkeled with whale sharks, toured Chichén Itzá (one of the new 7 Wonders of the World), earned their SDI Computer Nitrox and Advanced Buoyancy Specialties, and participated in seminars on identifying risk, risk minimization and personal responsibility. Talked about an action-packed week!


DWH Beneficiaries: Josh Benner, Tyson Gardner, Michael Orticari, John Ripley, Jeff Roberts and Warren Williamson.

Returning Alumni: Chad Doncaster, Neal Hamilton (as a DWH volunteer), Marc Hale (as a DWH volunteer) and Ernie Spycher.

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