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Scuba Eases My Demons

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

As a combat veteran, you always look for that something that takes the edge off. I love the adrenaline rush of downhill mountain biking but when it comes down to easing the demons, there’s nothing better than scuba diving.

Scuba diving gives me the peace of mind, even for the short amount of time I’m able to be under water, to collect myself and just breathe.

I was introduced to Diving with Heroes by a fellow participant who had nothing but good things to say about the program. I asked what was it about and he said “a combination of scuba with a purpose.” That was something; I never thought about it that way...I always enjoyed the diving but never thought about giving back. So, I contacted Jill. She explained what the program was all about and that’s all it took for me to sign up. We took a trip to Little Cayman where I met a great group of guys. We shared stories of scuba diving and military that got us together, and we continue to share an incredible bond to this day.


Luis lives in Fayetteville, North Caroline. He served in the Marines Corps for 13 years, and was honorably discharged as a sergeant. Today he is a PADI master diver, the highest certification level you can achieve as a recreational diver. He is working towards becoming a PADI rebreather instructor. He would like to be a search and rescue diver and work in evidence collection.

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