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Singer Island 2022

October 1-8, 2022

About this Excursion

Last August Diving with Heroes visited Singer Island/West Palm Beach for the first time. It was amazing. From diving with Pura Vida Divers up and down the coast to experiencing Blue Heron Bridge; seeing sharks and Goliath grouper and sea turtles galore; drifting over the wreck trail and floating 3 miles with the Gulf Stream in the dark of night on our first blackwater night dive...Florida offered us more than we ever could have hoped for. That's why we are going back!

In addition to all the fun stuff we did last year, this year we will be offering the SDI Rescue Diver course and DAN's Diving First Aid Pro course to all participants.

To learn more about Singer Island 2022 and the requirements for applying, click here.

Where We Are Staying

Sunshine Shores Boutique Apartments

Who We Are Diving With

Pura Vida Divers

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